About Us

South Shore Neuropsychiatric Center is committed to a scientific and innovative approach to mental health treatment. We combine innovative TMS treatment with expert Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy. We are dedicated to helping professionals working in Manhattan and Long Island to get rapid relief of their ADD/ ADHD symptoms.

South Shore Neuropsychiatric Center believes that the right approach to treatment is to collaborate with all significant sources of treatment and support that are available to a patient, while maintaining a patient-requested level of confidentiality and privacy. If possible, we involve the patient’s family, treating physicians, psychotherapist, nutritionist and personal trainer.

Our patients find it reassuring that we are available to them when they need us. We return all phone calls and are available by email. We encourage our patients to let us know when they are not feeling well and not wait until their next appointment to address their concerns.

We offer the most innovative techniques and approaches and pride ourselves in always being up to date on the latest research in Psychiatry and all related disciplines.

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