Ketamine: New Depression Treatment

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Depression comes in various forms. For some, it can manifest into sensations of feeling down and hopeless, but may pass within a short space of time. For others, it may be a much longer lasting effect, requiring help in the form of anti-depressant drugs to control symptoms and recover. However, for some individuals, depression can be much more debilitating and can affect one’s quality of life drastically. For these individuals, anti-depressant drugs simply may not work. Additionally, anti-depressants are also known for taking their time to kick in, and after a while, certain sufferers may see no benefit.

This is where other treatments come into play, and can have a drastic and positive effect on day to day life and one’s overall state of mind.

Ketamine or Special K is a well-known recreational drug, however when used in the properly prescribed manner, can be hugely beneficial for depression sufferers.

A recent survey attempted to measure the effectiveness of Ketamine for depression treatment; the findings showed that this powerful substance can offer hope and positive results for many individuals who have struggled to find a treatment that works for them. Of course, like any drug, Ketamine has its side effects, and should only ever be used in a controlled manner, under the watchful eye of a medical professional.

A study by the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, as well as the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has shown that within a 24 hour time period, out of 73 patients with severe and major depression, a quarter noticed a temporary reduction in the severity of their depressive symptoms. That is a huge amount, and offers much hope for many individuals looking for ways to improve their overall quality of life.

Depression need not take over your life completely, and help really is at hand.

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