Dr. Edward Fruitman graduated from the University of Michigan with dual degrees in Biology and Psychology. He went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine. He then completed his residency at Einstein/Montefiore. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Fruitman received additional treating in the field of metabolic disorders and weight management.  He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity medicine. 

Dr. Fruitman is nationally recognized as an expert in the field of Psychopharmacology. He has delivered over 1000 lectures and presentations at medical conferences, in grand rounds and other medical education settings. By staying at the forefront of the psychiatric field, he is able to offer the most effective and cutting-edge treatment options. In fact, Dr. Fruitman was the first psychiatrist to use TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) in the Five Towns area in Long Island.

 Dr. Fruitman specializes in the treatment of Anxiety, Treatment-Resistant Depression, and Adult ADD/ADHD. He combines expert psychopharmacology with supportive psychotherapy to achieve not only remission of symptoms, but also recovery and wellness.

Dr. Fruitman works closely with each patient to understand their personal goals, individual beliefs, and unique concerns. Through this partnership he creates treatment plans designed to help his patients achieve their goals and regain control in their personal and professional lives.

Our Difference:

South Shore Neuropsychiatric Center is committed to a scientific and innovative approach to mental health treatment. 

We offer the very best in the latest treatment options and pride ourselves on our cutting-edge and holistic approach. We treat all adult psychiatric concerns, and further specialize in Treatment-Resistant Depression, Anxiety and Adult ADHD. Whatever your concern, we can help.

We understand that each patient is unique, and tailor our treatment plans to address each concern. In addition to traditional Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy, Dr. Fruitman was one of the first psychiatrists to impliment evidence-based alternative treatment options such as TMS and Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression. We are also a licensed and authorized Suboxone provider.

For those with Adolescent ADHD, we have developed a collaborative program that provides students with the specialized help they need to succeed in the current competitive academic environment.

We accept all patients, and honor everyone’s ethnic, personal, and cultural beliefs and ideals. Above all, we maintain our patients’ strict confidentiality.